Too late… (special for sculptor fellows abroad)

…TO CHANGE MY mind now. I could have gone on for ever, adjusting and smoothing the forms, but the almanac tells me there is no more time! So I decided that more detail work and finishing is just snobbery that won’t add any values to the ”masterpiece”. I started to cover it with the first layer of latex. The first of several layers, that will increase the thickness to a strong, elastic mould that even pick up the small whimsicalities of the artist. That is my plan.


I am not so very used to this medium, but I know it’s a popular product for mould making. Mostly for smaller objects, but like I wrote: ”several layers” – that’s what it’s all about. The smell of ammoniac is introduced to my studio, but I find it kind of stimulating. So, tomorrow there will be fans buzzing and this snail will dissapear more and more. Hopefully to show up again in some acceptable reincarnation – in three days!



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