So far, so good – but then…

ONE HORN SNAPPED off, but except that the mould came of easier than I expected. And the horn… I was counting on loosing one or two. But the worse was to follow.

Of course the mould wasn’t firm enough to find its shape properly. Usually you hang this kind of moulds by the rim and I did. But only the weight of the mould, was a bit too much. Too saggy and I certainly don’t want any distorsions. So, I had to decide what emergency method to use, to go through the casting.
snck7I’m not fond of panic moves, but here was no other choise than making a cover to the mould. Fast! It was easy to ”dress” the snail again, and that was about the only easy thing for the rest of the day. I just hope I’m able to reassemble the peaces of the mould-coating without the snail lady inside.

Well friends! This is how I keep sane and happy all the time!



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