A post for my Foreign Friends:

I should try to write blogposts in English now and then. I have friends, collegues and contacts abroad who, very understandeable, can not read the bizarre Swedish language. So, here’s a little summary of what’s going on and a hint about why other activities is lacking in my posting. 

v-stalSINCE I MADE a little profit from participating in an exhibition, I decide to let those money go back into the business. So now I have been shopping: A Swiss made burin(?) sharp as the devil himself, will be tested in linoleum and wood. These tools must be sharp enough to cut clean across the wooden fibers. I think it can! If I’m pleased there may be added a couple more of the sort. A little expensive, but they may be worth it.


faergAnd from a newly discovered Swedish supplier, I ordered some letterpress ink. Real one and not the new waterbased formulas, witch I refuse to mess with (you may call me fundamentalist if you want).
My old platen press, whitch I have been carrying with me (figuratively) for forty years, was reassembled again last autumn – for the first time in at least twenty years. This is a neglection I now try to make up for and that’s why my latest postings is about the printing subject. I do sketching and drawing to and I will do sculpting and the other things again – but this phase must be alowed to have its time and care too, before I move in to the retirement home. Now, I just wonder if I should try to get a set of lead types as well? But then I may have to sell some more works first?



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