Aggressional Art

Nailed. By Rich. Langsbroe, 2017. Mixed media.

I NOTICED THAT my friend, the artist, had a new piece on the wall of his studio. It was a strange photo; a ”crusified” avocado on a wooden plate. Visiting Rich. Langsbroe very rarely leaves me without a puzzled mind.
– I see that you’re looking att my latest conceptual work, he said, seeing me confused over the immage. I call it ”Nailed”. Well, actually it isn’t my idea – neighter is the implementation. One of my revolting teenagers just gave air to some frustration. We had a little dispute, you could say, in the kitchen. And ”Bang!” The 3½ inch nail suddenly had spoked.
– I don’t approve playing with gifts of God, but here I was amazed! This is so brilliant, so right on spot! This is what it’s all about. This is clarification in a single hammer blow! This ”all-piercin-nail”… He made a paus.
-In a way, you can sum it all up in this… this gesture! However, I took the photo. Did I say that?
We contemplated over this masterpiece of ”Aggressional Art” for a while until I remembered that I was about to forget an importaint appointment that I just must not not miss.


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