Lisbon: Rua da Esperança 146


MARIONETTES and PUPPETRY is just so fascinating! In Lisbon is the museum for this form of art, Museu da Marionetas, well worth a visit! Not only that it is housed in an old monestary with it’s intriguing, somehow mystic system of rooms, the exhibition shows a wide, range of puppets from around the world and from hundreds of years back in time – to our days. All is very well exposed and explained. The walk-trough among all increadible ”actors” is a delight. Who doesn’t get inspired?

Other actors.

The exposed objects are completed with photographs and videoscreens, showing the theatrical atmospheres and the performances of different plays. Also a documentary about todays puppeteers, keeping the ”Commedia dell’Arte” alive.

The class (in front of the guide).

A mean squire? Or worse? (I lost the info.)

At this occation, a class of attentive children had a guided tour trough the collections. You don’t have to be particulary interested in puppet theater to be caught and carried away by the fantasies, the colours and handicraft: Beautiful, funny or scarry! Anyone can be charmed by the great world of small theaters.


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